What Drives Us

You could also call this “our outlook of the road ahead”  — but what drives us is rather simple:

We strive to empower volunteers
to serve in our communities,

meet humanitarian needs,
encourage peace, and promote international understanding
through Lions Clubs.

Our Story

In 1917, Melvin Jones, a 38 year old Chicago business leader, told members of his local business club that they should reach beyond the business issues and address “bettering their communities”, and in turn … the world.

That sentiment carried forward to the community of St. Paul Park, Newport, and Grey Cloud Island Township — when a group of humbled volunteers chartered the St. Paul Park-Newport Lions Club on September 28th, 1955.

Meet the Team

What can people do with their lives today? Many things obviously.

But the most daring of these is to create an environment where communities flourish in peace and harmony, while inspiring others to dream more, learn more, serve more, and become more.

Lion Lynn

Club President, 2020-21

A member since 2013, Lion Lynn’s commitment to community, furthers the newest traditions of how “We Serve.”

Lion Greg

Secretary, 2020-21

A Lion for over three decades, Greg embraces the daunting task of oversight & maintenance of all our club records.

Lion Zac

Treasurer, 2020-21

Since 2013, Lion Zac has provided our club with exemplary budgetary oversight, planning, and fiscal management.

The Next Step…

The St. Paul Park-Newport Lions Club welcomes everyone to be a part of something bigger…

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