...and like us all, they are bound to change over time. Springtime is beginning to appear on the horizon, and clubs are beginning to shake off the annoyances of being cooped up over wintertime. Now it's also important to look at how our digitized ways of coming together and communication can also create a divide; and how to prevent it from being a point of contention in a club.

In our increasingly busy and digitally connected world, it's easy to lose track of the important people and fellow club members in our lives - and what they mean to us as a group sharing a common thread of service. In this way, social media (like Facebook) and websites such as this can be a tool or a barrier - depending on how we use it. While we can connect virtually with fellow club members, we cannot deny the isolation it can also create - leaving us feeling alone.

When we are feeling this "disconnect" or divide, it's important to remember to connect with others in a meaningful way; reaching out to another to share space and share time. This is an effective way to keep the common ties that brought us together in the first place, as well as continue our goals of service.

So the St. Paul Park-Newport Lions Club is asking that every Lion, in every club make, it a priority over the next thirty days to visit with another Lion - or call one on the phone that has not been seen in the recent past. Go ahead, try to bridge the division that seems to creep into all of our lives.

AND, as a reminder, the St. Paul Park-Newport Lions Club will be gathering again on February 27th for a Dinner and Social Meeting at the Broadway Bar & Grill at 7PM. This is great time to mix and mingle with fellow Lions; to catch up with others while grabbing a bite to eat or a refreshing beverage.

We welcome one and all to join us,
and bring a friend, as we
"Prevent the Pride Divide!"

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