No Time

One thing we Lions know all too well is the feeling within ourselves and those around us that "...there just isn't enough time in my day to be a volunteer."

Between feeling like one may already not have enough "free time" or that volunteering schedules are overly demanding - its no wonder there has been a noticeable decline in our neighborhoods of people stepping into the role of service within their communities.

The St. Paul Park-Newport Lions takes a different approach; welcoming one and all to review what service "gig" we may be doing - and decide if it fits your lifestyle. There will be no demand that you "JOIN US IN MEMBERSHIP" - as we would rather have partners in our towns willing to participate in an event with fresh eyes, new ideas, and healthy, realistic expectations, even if only once.

Its worth remembering, serving in a community doesn't have to be a long-term commitment (example: donating blood takes very little time).

An Alternative Perception of Time

Giving Time Gives You Time. Helping others or coming to the aid of others increases one's perception of time wealth. Helping others rewards us a perception of fullness and accomplishment in our otherwise busy schedules.

Giving Time Is Addictive. We Lions, of St. Paul Park-Newport, embrace a new social norm where service in one's community can begin at any time - and over time - individuals with a positive experience are more likely to continue to serve as time marches on.

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